Friday, October 30, 2009

Pretty as Peacock

One of my many favourite animals the proud peacock. I think they are absolutely fantastic in everything they do. I didnt het around to drawing a picture of a peacock but i did find this one with a poem to go with it. I am afraid to say that the illustrator of this image was unknown but i would like to ackowladge their marvelous work :)

How Proud is the Peacock?

How proud is the peacock,unfolding his fan?How many doors are locked?I will enter, if I can.You see me as a peacock;my beauty broken down.I grow old, my body mocks will not go to town.So I see you looking down at me, perched from above.Take this longing, broken beauty; for the one you love.

P.S I found one of my illustrations i did as a child, so i put it on my computer it is a picture if a model dressed like an elegent peacock.


  1. i love that drawing! sweet poem

  2. I love the poem!! very beautiful! And the drawing is magical!

  3. i absoulutely adore that poem.
    a truly lovely post.

  4. awww i love YOUR drawing. its absoulutely adorable!
    soo cutee