Friday, May 14, 2010

Lace Necklace

This is a really fun, fashionable and easy project! all you need is chain, lace, silver rings and an imagination. I decided wearing just a T-shirt looked a little plane so i decided to spice it up a little but with this cool necklace. It matches everything and cost barley anything to make it is really fun to try, enjoy. :D

The Michael Project

Well, here it is, my Michael bag, finally finished! Horray. It took me a while but i think the hard work has paid off. To make this bag i found a design, traced it onto plastic contact, cut out carefully the individual shapes with a scalpel and placed the sticky contact onto a screen. Then i coated the screen in ink and oil and left my masterpiece to dry. It is best to test the print on paper first because it is a very messy project, enjoy :D